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Nepali Immersion Workshop #2

with Rachana
Saturday, Oct 12
Rachana's Kitchen in Flushing, Queens
Workshop full
11 years old+
Elevator Available
Flushing Main St (7) Flushing Main Street (LIRR)
All Immersion workshops include a light lunch and beverage, 3 hours of hands-on cooking instruction, a full dinner, a recipe packet, and a shopping guide.

I felt extraordinarily comfortable in Rachana's home. It was a privilege and honor to be welcomed so openly and generously, plus I learned A LOT about Nepali food and ingredients and about Rachana's family and unique cultural perspective. Everything she shared was very interesting. And I definitely think I can replicate a lot of these dishes at home, which is not what I expected. But they aren't nearly so intimidating now!

Victoria L.
Nepali Immersion Workshop #2
Sat, Oct 12
Workshop Full