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Meet Elmira

From Armenia/Georgia. Lives in Glendale, CA.

Elmira was born in Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia. She was raised by Armenian parents during the Soviet era, and so she grew up immersed in Georgian, Armenian, and Russian food and culture. Elmira has been cooking for as long as she can remember, and she learned by helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. As soon as she was old enough to navigate the kitchen on her own, Elmira took over the family's dinner prep responsibilities. Every day after school, she would call her mom who would give her instructions on what to prepare for the evening. She's been the family's favorite cook ever since, and she even catered her brother's wedding day feast for 150 people. She moved to the US in 1997 with her whole family and has been living in Glendale ever since. On top of her passion for home cooking, Elmira loves to learn new things. She has a degree in accounting and great computer skills, not to mention her diploma in music and cosmetology from Georgia. She's a fan of TED Talks and is in the process of learning her fifth language, Spanish. She will also read your future in your coffee grounds. 

Upcoming Experiences

I was so impressed by all the stories and knowledge Elmira shared about Georgian and Armenian cultures, all while filling the room with incredible aroma. I learned more than expected about the language, history, and cuisine. And the dishes we made were incredible!

Ray D.