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Meet Yamini

From India. Lives in Kew Gardens, Queens.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Yamini started cooking with her parents when she was ten years old. One of the strongest memories Yamini has of cooking in her family revolves around the large religious festivals in her community. Women were not allowed to cook for these festivals, so Yamini would watch as her father would craft large, elaborate meals for the celebrations. 

In 1999, Yamini moved to Kew Gardens, Queens with her husband and three daughters. She has been working at a Manhattan jewelry company ever since. In 2009, after years of bringing lunch to work for her co-workers, Yamini branched into the catering business as well. She now prepares food for non-profit and corporate events around the city. Yamini and her cooking have been featured by Saveur, Food & Wine, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Travel + Leisure, and MSNBC “Your Business”.  In addition to cooking, Yamini paints and loves to sing and dance, especially at parties. 

Yamini’s sunny, spiritual nature will instantly make you feel welcome in her home. Whether she’s teaching you the proper way to handle spices or how to roll a perfectly circular roti, you will be inspired by her passion for cooking and her commitment to making everything from scratch. When you arrive, Yamini will serve her homemade chai and a selection of delicious, seasonal Indian treats, which may include her uttapam served with homemade cilantro chutney or her spiced chickpea cakes made with fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds. 


Upcoming Experiences

Awesome experience! I have taken cooking classes before at other places, but this exceeded my expectations (hands-on lesson, sit-down meal, friendly instructor, culture, meeting new people, etc.). I think what was great about this experience was the opportunity to learn real Indian cooking from the source.

Eugene J.